High Point Workers' Compensation Lawyers

If you have been injured while performing your job duties and will miss substantial work time, obtaining workers' compensation benefits is likely essential for you and your family. Unfortunately, some people hesitate to file "work comp" claims because they fear for their jobs — and in other cases, benefits are unjustly denied or prematurely terminated.

Upfront Counsel On Your Claim Or Skilled Representation If You Must Appeal

At Morgan, Herring, Morgan, Green & Rosenblutt, L.L.P., an experienced High Point workers' compensation attorney will advise you of your rights after an on-the-job accident, appeal your wrongful claim denial or work to rectify other problems. We have extensive experience navigating the North Carolina workers' compensation system for injured employees, including many successes in hearings before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Key considerations in workers' compensation cases include:

  • It is important to notify your employer as soon as possible after suffering an on-the-job injury. However, if you did not file your claim right away, we can likely still help you.
  • You are likely eligible for benefits regardless of how and where an accident occurred, provided you were performing duties related to your work. This includes auto accidents while driving for work and injuries that may have been your fault.
  • You cannot be legally terminated for filing a workers' compensation claim. If this has happened to you, we offer experienced employment law counsel as well as advocacy to obtain your rightful benefits.
  • If you have had your claim denied, experienced unacceptable delays getting medical bills paid, or been ordered to return to work before you are physically able, you need to speak with a qualified workers' compensation lawyer.

Turn To Experienced Workplace Injury Attorneys In Guilford County

The workers' compensation system is complex, and necessary interactions with insurers after work-related injuries can be intimidating. To discuss your concerns in a free initial consultation with an attorney who will know what to do, contact our firm today.